A full-grain 'whipmakers' vegetable tanned Kangaroo leather is used in the making of James B. Young's wallets because it is an ethical product that carries a heritage of use in Australia greater than any endorsement from the maker himself. The beauty of these wallets will deepen with age owing to the ability of such leathers to patina from contact with the human hand and the world in which they travel. Subtle scarring can be read in the grain of each wallet that tells a story of the life of the animal from which it has been made.

In making each wallet a commitment to craftsmanship, beauty and durability is upheld by favouring hand processes to achieve a superior product. Hand stitching with hand-rolled and waxed natural fibre threads and folded and stitched edges mean these wallets are set apart from manufactured goods in ways the trained eye will detect and the owner will learn through experience.